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White Polo Shirt                                                

Green Skirt or Skort (Summer)                         

Long Green Trousers (Winter)                          

Bottle Green Jumper or Jacket                         

Black Shoes and White Socks   



White Polo Shirt

Grey Shorts (Summer)

Long Grey Trousers (Winter)

Bottle Green Jumper or Jacket   

Black Shoes and Grey Socks


Sport Uniform

White Polo Shirt

Bottle Green Shorts or Track Pants

Bottle Green Jumper or Jacket

Joggers or Runners and White Socks

Bottle Green Cap


We can provide emblems that can be sewn on to the pocket of the white polo shirt.  All clothing should be labelled with the student's name.


In accordance with the "Safe Working Policy" the Department requires that appropriate footwear be worn by students in the Industrial Arts and Kitchen areas.

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